Annet Nakimbugwe: A Football Legacy Passed to Daughter Hassifa Nassuna

Annet Nakimbugwe’s legacy in Ugandan women’s football remains an influential cornerstone that notably paved the way for her daughter, Hassifa Nassuna, to carry on this celebrated heritage.

A former player for the Uganda Women’s National Team, Nakimbugwe left an enduring imprint not just with her exceptional skill but with her dedication and passion for the game.

Her career spanned across significant clubs like Source De Kivu, APR, Buikwe She Red Stars and Kampala Queens, among others where she showcased her prowess and exemplified the epitome of sportsmanship.

A defining moment in Nakimbugwe’s career occurred during the 2000 Women Africa Cup of Nations, where she etched her name in Ugandan football history by scoring Uganda’s inaugural goal in the tournament.

This pivotal moment not only showcased her individual brilliance but also marked a significant milestone for Ugandan women’s football on the continental stage.

What makes Nakimbugwe’s story truly remarkable is the intertwining narrative with her daughter’s footballing journey.

As Nakimbugwe was actively contributing to the sport in tournaments like the 2000 Women Africa Cup of Nations, her daughter, Hassifa Nassuna, a young toddler at the time, would, 22 years later, proudly represent Uganda in the same tournament.

This unique alignment of their family’s football legacy symbolizes a deep-seated passion and talent passed down through generations, bridging their experiences on the field across time.

It’s strong to note that Nakimbugwe’s late father, Nassuna’s grandfather, played for Kiyinda Boys before signing for Nile FC where he sufferred a career-ending leg injury. He is inspired her daughter to play the game and could go a long with his daughter Nakimbugwe for trainings and matches.

Nakimbugwe could later replicate the same to her daughter Nassuna.
Certainly! Here’s an edited version of the quotes:

“If it weren’t for my Mum, I wouldn’t have ventured into football,” Nassuna told The-SportsNation.

“She introduced me to the world of football from my earliest days. It wasn’t a novelty when I began playing; growing up, I was surrounded by people immersed in the game. She often took me along when she played.”

Even after retiring from professional play, Nakimbugwe’s influence continued to resonate. Her daughter, Nassuna, following in her mother’s footsteps, wears the same revered Jersey Number Eight that Nakimbugwe proudly adorned during her tenure with Kampala Queens.

This shared number symbolizes a meaningful continuum, signifying the profound connection between mother and daughter through their mutual love for the game.

Their shared footballing narrative was further enshrined during Nassuna’s earlier playing days for Kawempe Muslim.

On three occasions, Nassuna found herself facing her mother’s team, Buikwe Red Stars in the 2015 Women Elite Football League, with the daughter reigning supreme on all the three.

The pivotal of the three was a final at Nakivubo where Nassuna was influential, finishing as the MVP, as her side won 3-2 thanks to a brace from Sandra Nabweteme and a goal from Yudaya Nakayenze.

Annet Nakimbugwe’s legacy extends beyond her individual achievements; it represents the resilience, determination, and unwavering dedication to football that she passed down to her daughter and to aspiring female footballers across Uganda.

Nakimbugwe also featured for DR Congo U20 team in 2006 when Women football in Uganda had gone at the edge of the abyss.

Her story embodies the transformative power of passion, leaving an enduring mark not only in the sport but also in the hearts of those inspired by the profound impact of a mother’s influence on the beautiful game of football.

Nakimbugwe will be one of the individuals who will ne honoured at the inaugural ‘Women in Football Bonanza’ on November 29th at Sheraton Hotel, Kampala.

The event, a collaboration between FUFA and Guinness, aims to celebrate the remarkable women who have contributed significantly to football’s development while also fostering new opportunities to empower women in the sport to achieve greater feats.



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