World Youth Chess Tourney: Sana Back To Winning Ways

Sana Omprakash Kayyar returned to winning ways with a hard fought victory after her slump at the ongoing World Youth Chess Championships in Italy.

Omprakash started the competition with two perfect wins in the first and second round, but was forced to hit the pause button after she lost both round three and four.

She however, rallied in the fifth round to beat WCM Berezovsky Fiorina from Monaco. Both players had each won two games before this encounter, but despite being 225 rates below the WCM, Omprakash held her grip to earn her third win in Italy.

In the U14 Open category, Omprakash young brother Shoubhith Omprakash Kayyar finally got his victory.

The youngster beat Ezywell Mutema in the third round before besting Yao Hong-Yu from Taipei in the fifth round.

Sherry Ariella Agaba also opened her account with two wins against Hsu Ning and Macek Intl from Slovenia in the 3rd and 4th round respectively in the U14 Girls category.

The trio return to action on Saturday in the sixth round. Omprakash will face WCM Kayis Gulcan from Turkey, Shoubith will come up against Finland’s Heino Pessi while Agaba while face Sena Balazs Szabina Zoe from Hungary.



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