Salim Jamal’s Club Warns Teams To ‘Keep Off’ Their Goalkeeper

South African Premier League side Richards Bays FC has warned other clubs against encroaching on their goalkeeper Salim Jamal Magoola, engaging him over a possible transfer without the club’s consent.

Without mentioning any particular clubs’ names, Richards Bay confirmed that certain clubs in the Premier Soccer League and African continent leagues are approaching their goalkeeper Salim Magoola.

“As a Club, we view this as a total disrespect and unprofessional conduct by these clubs,” Richards Bay revealed in a public statement published on their social media accounts on Thursday, November 16.

The Ugandan Goalkeeper is understandably a player the club wouldn’t wish to let go of now as he’s one of their most prized assets s at the moment.

“Salim Magoola remains a Richards Bay Football Club player with a long standing contract.”

“The clubs know very well that should they be interested, proper channels need to be followed and these should not be done through social media or directly with the player concerned.”

“The Club would further like to request those engaging on this unprofessional conduct to stop or follow proper procedures as we deem this as a serious plot against Richards Bay Football Club.”

Richards Bay currently sit below the Red line, second last on the 16-team table with nine points from twelve points.

Meanwhile, Magoola is one of the three goalkeepers who made it to the final list of the Uganda Cranes squad preparing to represent Uganda in the upcoming World Cup qualification matches.

The Richards Bay goalkeeper is currently with the Uganda National Team camping in Berkane, Morrocco ahead of crucial international duels with Guinea and Somalia on November 17 and 21 respectively.



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