Three Express FC Fans Banned for Beating Assistant Referee

The FUFA Disciplinary Panel (FDP) has taken stringent action against three Express FC fans.

This follows grave incidents that transpired during and after the Uganda Premier League match against UDPF FC on October 27, 2023, at Bombo Military Barracks Grounds.

The FDP, adhering to the FUFA Ethics and Disciplinary code 13(1), 13(3), 14(16), 14(17), and 14(18), considered various factors before arriving at their decisions.

Notably, FDP said that Express FC demonstrated cooperation in identifying the culprits responsible for severely injuring assistant referee Fahad Sekayuba, rendering him in critical condition.

Consequently, Mukenya Noah, Zimula Sulaiman, and Nkata Abasi have been declared persona non grata from all football competitions authorized or organized by FUFA for a duration of two years.

These individuals are prohibited from engaging in any football-related activities during this period.

Express FC has been instructed to publicize this ban on all digital media platforms and prominently display pictures of the identified perpetrators—Mukenya Noah, Zimula Sulaiman, and Nkata Abasi—measuring a minimum of 20cm by 20cm at their home stadium for the next two years.

The club has been told to ensure the swift implementation of this directive within 48 hours from the receipt of the decision.

Furthermore, the club has been urged to collaborate fully with authorities whenever necessary to ensure the enforcement of this decision.

Failure to comply, FUFA CDP said that it might lead to additional sanctions imposed by the FDP against Express.

This stringent action emphasizes FUFA’s commitment to upholding ethical standards and ensuring the safety and integrity of football competitions.



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