I&M Bank Katogo Golf Series: ‘Me Too’ Excitement at Entebbe Club

The I&M Bank Katogo Invitational Golf Series returns this Saturday at Entebbe Club.

This, will feature the thrilling ‘Me too’ format. Known for its blend of competition and fun, this tournament has consistently brought innovation since its inception in April.

As of now, around 200 golfers have confirmed their participation in Saturday’s round. Golfers will encounter the unique ‘Me too’ format for the first time in Uganda, a testament to the series’ commitment to offering something fresh and enjoyable for players.

Entebbe Club Captain, Serwano Walusimbi, explains, “The Katogo series is always happy to introduce something different and exciting for golfers to enjoy outside of the common formats we are all used to.”

In this format, when a player believes their ball is in an unfavorable position, they can use a ‘Me too’ call to move it to the same spot as a group mate in a better position. Each player has nine ‘Me too’ opportunities, valid on any hole, including drives, iron shots, and putts.

The player requesting a ‘Me too’ must either score better or match the group-mate’s score in the better position. A worse score results in a one-stroke penalty.

Annette Nakiyaga, the head of marketing and corporate communications at I&M Bank, emphasized, “The Katogo series aims to spice up the game with something new each edition, creating inspiring moments on the course.”

“This round promises excitement and will test golfers’ tactical skills for a podium finish.”

In addition to the intriguing format, the event now offers a Hole-in-one prize car sponsored by Merca Limited, a brand-new Renault for a golfer who sinks a tee-shot into hole number 10.

The Hole-in-one prize car is insured by GA Insurance, and RwandAir has joined as a co-sponsor, offering air tickets for the winners.



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