Time For Uganda Rugby Union To Crack The Whip

By Dixon Bond

On Saturday, I was in Nairobi Kenya,on a stopover back to Uganda after handling my usual international assignments.

As a very patriotic Ugandan, I decided to attend an international friendly rugby game, between the Kenya Legends and Uganda Legends.

What I saw was totally unacceptable, regrettable and absolutely pathetic to say the least.

We had two rival groups/camps of Ugandan fans, that sat in different sections of the stadium, dressed in different t-shirts and having logo’s of two rival companies.

They didn’t want to interact with each other, yet most of them drink and hang out from the same club in Uganda(Kyadondo Rugby club). This even left the Kenyans wondering.

What started as a bitter split between Heathens Rugby club fans, is now fast spreading to the National team.

It’s time the Uganda Rugby Union puts an end to this nonsense.

If not checked soon, egocentric maniacs,will soon totally divide the once united and cheerful rugby fans.

Dixon Bond is a Certified FIFA, CAF Safety and Security Officer



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