Kataka Make Good Use Of FUFA’s Disputed Double-licensing Plan

As FUFA Big League side Kataka FC confirmed their final squad for the 2023/24 season, five of their listed 30 players were labelled as double-licensed.

During a FUFA retreat at the Technical Center in Njeru, it was considered and thereafter applied that players, starting with the 2023/23 season will bear licenses for two teams and be in line to simultaneously feature for two teams in a single campaign.

The Mbale-based side has utilised this latest innovation from FUFA as it still lasts, as the arrangement that was legalized a few weeks ago amidst detestation seems so much like a project on trial.

The scheme, fully operational at the moment has already recieved backlash from the public, raising concern that the somewhat good idea might be misused – that with some advantages, it might also come with alot more negatives than positives.

Meanwhile, others have seconded it, and think it’s a good move that will work for the better, especially in terms of developing players who rarely get playing time at their clubs. FUFA, mostly the president Moses Magogo actually shared exactly the same view, before considering making it functional.

For instance, Kataka saw it wise to approve the idea of their players further extending their football services to various schooling institutions that will in return assure them of a chance to study, fully supported by the good working relationship between the two organisations.

Five of the Kataka players (All not more than 21 years of age) namely; Stephen Namaisi, Muhammad Biafulo, Ronald Mwokye, Usama Khayemba and Markus Aka are double-licensed.

Each one of them will be allowed to play for Kataka and another team as provided for by FUFA in the recently updated regulations.

Consequently, the five players will play in the Big League for their parent club, and also concurrently feature for various third division clubs that have had an understanding with their parent club.

Senior six leavers Namaisi and Khayemba are newly enrolled students at Ugandan Christian University (UCU) – Mbale Campus, where they will also play for UCU FC, a newly promoted third division club directly affiliated to the Christian University.

High school students Biafulo and Mwokye will both play for Amus College School, a secondary school side that will also play in the Eastern Regional League after they sportingly qualified to the national third division competition.

The two Senior Five students have since been Kataka players, and played for Amus in school competitions, but couldn’t feature for the school side in any FUFA organised match, now they will play for their school team in the regional league and in the Uganda Cup, except against Kataka.

Meanwhile, Aka has been secondarily offered to Mbale Garage, he will be legible to play for the regional league club, as he also plays for Kataka in the Big League.

However, There’s A Slight Concern

Sounds like a good plan, but there’s a small worry, mostly on the side of players; Won’t it become to much workload for them? If at all they are expected to perform to excellence in all the three daunting tasks.

Maybe not exactly the same, but that is basically like working two daytime jobs and having to study at the same time. Realistically, these players (who are also attending school) will have to chose an area of concentration if at all they’re to increase any chances of excelling.

Of course, the teams have got good deals, but how such players will balance their time between their respective commitments will be an exhilarating process we shall all be waiting to find out as everything unfolds.



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