Babirye, UNF Executive Resolve To Dethrone Brig Byekwaso

Suspended President Sarah Babirye Kityo and Uganda Netball Federation (UNF) Executive have decided to oust Acting President Brigadier Flavia Byekwaso.

The Federation made the confirmations in their meeting held on Friday at their offices in Old Kampala.

Brigadier Byekwaso didn’t attend the meeting in the Boardroom despite being in the office at the time.

This is the latest drama at the Federation whose President Babirye was ordered by the First Lady to step aside for three months in April to allow investigations take place.

Babirye who is accused of failure to account for Government funds among others, was replaced by her Vice President Byekwaso in Acting capacity.

During the period, Byekwaso was in charge of the She Cranes campaign at the World Cup.

The three-month period expired, and Babirye has since returned in office despite a letter from First Lady ordering her not to, which she has since denied.

Babirye and her Executive claim that Byekwaso has not given a report of the She Cranes World Cup campaign.

That she has not clarified on the Sh900m received by the Federation from Government during the period, whether it was for the World Cup or the Financial Year.

“Ever since the World Cup ended, we have been trying to get information like how much money did we get, what was the workplan, how much was meant to which activity. We actually do not know whether the money was for the financial year or the World Cup itself,” Babirye said after the meeting.

“We invited her and she declined to come, we follow the UNF constitution and it’s the law that govern us.

“When the First Lady requested me to take leave for three months, she didn’t write either to me or Brig Byekwaso, but that alone was not enough for her to become a signatory.

“As executive we had to sit, and give her the mandate to run the Federation for three months, and there are minutes to that effect. After three months, we expected her to give us a report of what transpired in the last three months something she has declined to do.

“Therefore, the very body that gave her the mandate, today we held a meeting and took the mandate away. The executive made a resolution, and we even went to the bank to inform them of the decision that she will no longer run the Federation accounts.”

Babirye blatantly said that Byekwaso should stop masquerading as the Uganda Netball Federation President because there are measures that make one a president of UNF.

She added that the Executive are coming up with a write-up to inform the Public about it, and whoever will deal with Byekwaso will be doing it on their own and the UNF will not be liable.

It is said that Byekwaso, during the period, appointed four army offices as UNF staff, a decision which has not sat well with the Executive.

“We have summoned her and the CEO (Francis Banya) for next meeting for them to tell us how come we have UPDF officers who get salaries from UPDF and then get salaries from UNF, they are getting two government salaries.

“How do you be a caretaker for three months and then go one to award contracts for years.”

Byekwaso also paid salaries to most UNF staff, but left out Head Coach Fred Mugerwa, which has also annoyed Babirye.

Babirye said that they have resolved to reward Mugerwa with a new contract where salaries and mode of payment of his past arrears will be discussed.

“A number of countries have written to us trying to take him, something we feel will affect us as a Country, but we have discussed his status and I am glad that the Executive mandated me to renew his contract. We have to discuss with him on how much we should pay his arrears.”

Babirye also accused NCS of conniving with Byekwaso to wrongly interfere into the Federation activities.

“She (Byekwaso) at one-time told us that she was given Sh46m (by NCS) to call for an AGM, but our Constitution says that it’s either the Executive to call for Extra ordinary AGM or the delegates will demand for it. The delegates did not ask for an AGM neither did the Executive.

“So why would NCS give UNF money to call for an extra AGM that is not demand-driven, is it the NCS to come up with the Calendar activity for the Federation? These are the so many issues we have been discussing and we wonder why NCS choose to give us Conditional money for extra ordinary AGM when they have failed to pay salaries for the National Coach for two years.”

Babirye confirmed that it’s true they have not paid allowances for She Cranes players but promised to pay the money soon.



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