Match-fixing: FUFA Bans Another Referee, Two More Players

FUFA has forbidden three more individuals from engaging in any football related activities for lengthy periods.

Referee Deogracious Opio, Calvary FC player Saleh Maganda and Northern Gateway FC player Franco Oringa have all been found guilty of match-fixing by the football governing body.

According to the FUFA Ethics and Disciplinary Committee, “They were found guilty of violation of Articles 41 (Manipulation of football matches or competitions or match statistics)”

“They also violated Article 24(3) (General Duties) and Article 42 (Failure to report) of the FUFA Ethics and Disciplinary Code.”

The Committee analysed and evaluated the evidence on file and the defense put forward by Opio, Maganda and Oringa and found that they were involved in activities aimed at arranging or influencing the results of matches for betting purposes in violation of the FUFA Ethics and Disciplinary Code.

The three have consequently been banned from taking part in any kind of football-related activity at the national level (administrative, sports or any other) for lengthy periods; ten years for the referee Opio, and five years each for the players Maganda and Oringa.

According to FUFA, “Only the grounds of the decision can be appealed against.”

FUFA is however hesitant to mention the exact clubs involved in the matches the said offenders manipulated.

Another referee, George Nkrunzinza was also banned for ten years, as three other players Andrew Waiswa, Godfrey Lwesibawa and Mahad Yaya Kakooza have also been banned for five years respectively for the same cases.



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