No BAL Ticket For 2023 NBL Season Winner

The winner of the ongoing National Basketball League season will not represent Uganda at the 2024/25 Basketball Africa League, FUBA has told Clubs.

The late communication has left some clubs hard done given their investments and commitments with BAL their end goal.

And it comes a few match-days away before the start of the NBL playoffs.

This follows FUBA’s move to align their activity calendar as they seek to start the NBL season in January not around March as it has been the case.

It has been confirmed, per the letter sent out to Clubs, that next NBL season will start on January 20 2024.

And FUBA believes that the League will end on time to determine the BAL representative for the 2024/25 season.

“The reasoning behind this change is that the Federation is trying to align its Local activities with the International Calendar of events, as previously there has been a lot of clashing between the two,” FUBA General Secretary Hudson Ssegamwenge told Team Managers.

City Oilers will represent again for the 2023/24 Road To BAL campaign that start later this year, having won the League last season.

The deadline for FUBA submitting a BAL representative has always reached before the local league’s climax, and the previous season’s winner has always been considered.

The Champion of the 2024 NBL season will represent the Country at the 2024/25 BAL tournament.

City Oilers has represented Uganda at all the three BAL editions.

For the Women’s NBL division, FUBA said that they will wait communication from FIBA Africa on the new format of the FIBA Women’s Champions Cup 2024 before making necessary changes.

FUBA also plans to tighten the Licensing requirements for teams to play in the league next season, with team registration and player transfers scheduled to close by the end of November 2023.



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