National Men’s 50 Over League: Veterans Step Up

National Men’s 50 Over League results.

Avengers 80/10
Aziz Damani Development 81/0
Development won by 10 wickets

Ceylon Lions 147/10
Aziz Damani 149/8
Aziz Damani won by 2 wickets

Match-Day four of the National Men’s 50 Over League brought out some class performances from the veterans of the game.

From the Green Oval in Entebbe to the Serenity Oval in Kamengo, it was the old-timers running the show.

Current table toppers Aziz Damani Development took on Avengers in Entebbe, and when Frank Nsubuga who was a stand in captain for Development lost the toss, he took it personally.

Avengers chose to bat first! While they lost their first wicket in the first Over, Avengers’ tormentor, Nsubuga got his business started in the eighth Over, and it was Mehul Makwana who fell prey first.

This wicket brought another in ‘Franco’s’ very next Over.
Two more fell in the 18th Over, and then to make his fifer, Harsh Panchal was the prey.

Those were five wickets for the man who made his national team debut in 1992, and they came at the expense of only 18 runs from his 10 Overs.

The 43-year-old bowled 3 maidens, had 48 dots and bossed an economy of 1.80

Development won that game with great ease, bowling out Avengers with only 80 runs on board. The table toppers’ chase required only 10 Overs to be accomplished. Robinson Obuya (45) and U-19 captain Fahad Mutagana (36) did the job in that regard.

In Kamengo, Kenyan veteran Collins Obuya was doing things similar to Nsubuga’s. The current generation might know Obuya as a batter, but when his career was getting started in 2003, Obuya was a spinning monster.

He brought memories of his Player of the Match performance against Sri Lanka in the World Cup in 2003 on Sunday when his Ceylon Lions team met Aziz Damani.

Damani who are now third on the table standings won that game by 2 wickets, but the 42-year-old was nearly unbeatable.

Obuya plucked four wickets in his seven Overs that came at the expense of only 26 runs.

His side lost the game, and Damani’s Dhruv Mairsurya won the Player of the Match award, but Obuya had reminded people just what a gem he is with ball.

Obuya was a joy to watch, however, his Ceylon Lions remain winless this campaign, and with that defeat, they descend to the eighth position in the table standings.



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