Mileke Border 7s: Tororo Crest Shines, Buffaloes Struggle

Quarterfinals draws
Heathens Vs Mongers
Walukuba Vs Impis
Hippos Vs Tororo Crest
Pirates Vs KOBs

Buffaloes faced a disappointing start to the Mileke Border 7s in Tororo, losing all their pool games and missing out on the main cup contention.

In a series of closely contested pool matches, the Buffaloes first suffered a narrow defeat at the hands of Rams, losing 12-14.

Their spell continued as they fell to an invitational side—Tororo Crest 26-0.

Despite their efforts, they closed the day with another loss, this time against their fellow Kyadondo based rivals— Heathens, ending 14-19.

Their struggles on the field relegated them to the challenge cup, where they are set to take on the Warriors.

However, the true surprise of the day was the rise of Tororo Crest, the invitational side that shook the tournament’s landscape.

The day saw Tororo Crest steal the spotlight with their impressive performance against core teams, pushing them to their limits and putting them to test.

They faced Heathens in their opener, a game that was closely contested ending with a narrow victory for Heathens at 17-15.

Tororo Crest’s brilliance continued as they shut down the Buffaloes with a convincing 26-0 victory, followed by an impressive triumph over Rams with a score of 31-7.

Their stellar performance secured them a spot in the main cup quarterfinals, where they are set to face off against the defending champions— Jinja Hippos.

Meanwhile, the Pirates were flawless, having a clean winning record on day one.

On the other hand, KOBs faced a setback when they were penalised for fielding an ineligible player registered with another team in their first game against Walukuba.

This led to the team being stripped of their earned points, pushing them to secure victories in their subsequent games to stay in the competition.

Setting the stage for an intense showdown, KOBs and Pirates are slated to face each other in the quarterfinals for the third consecutive time.



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