Batball X: Central Rhinos, Nile Leopards Reach Super 4

Final group games results

Group A

Western Bulls 49/6
Rwanda Emerging 50/3
Rwanda Emerging won by 7 wickets

Central Rhinos 87/5
Rwanda Emerging 86/6
Central Rhinos won by 1 run

Central Rhinos 99/4
Western Bulls 64/10
Central Rhinos won by 35 runs

Group B

Eastern Buffalos 88/6
Northern Elephants 66/6
Eastern Buffalos won by 22 runs

Eastern Buffalos 64/5
Nile Leopards 68/3
Nile Leopards won by 7 wickets

Nile Leopards 117/2
Northern Elephants 72/7
Nile Leopards won by 45 runs

Central Rhinos and Nile Leopards advanced to the Super 4 of the Batball X as group leaders after going unbeaten in their respective groups.

Rhinos topped Group A that had Rwanda Emerging and Western Bulls while Leopards outpaced Group B that had Eastern Buffalos and Northern Elephants.

Rwanda Emerging and Eastern Buffalos, the two sides that finished second in their respective groups will complete the Super 4 that gets underway on Friday.

The final group games presented some exhilarating action on Wednesday. Central Rhinos are the favourites to lift this trophy, but Rwanda Emerging have made a case for themselves.

The two served the spectators with some thrilling action that the Rhinos edged by only a run on Wednesday.

The game between Rwanda Emerging and Central Rhinos was sandwiched by Rwanda Emerging vs Western Bulls and Central Rhinos vs Western Bulls. It, as expected, turned out to be the game of the stage.

Yunus Sowobi 29 not out and Anas Baig 20 spearheaded their Rhinos team to a 87/5 score, but Emerging steered by Yves Cyusa 31 and Daniel Gumyusenge were equally up to the task.

Sowobi and Ali Balidawa each picked up two wickets in their quest to silence the guest team, but the game dragged, and was decided on the final ball that Emerging needed three runs from to win.

Rhinos eventually won when their opponents managed only one run.

Rwanda Emerging had cruised through Western Bulls, winning by 7 wickets in the day’s opening game, but missed out on topping the group by a whisker.

Nile Leopards have been on a sailing in Jinja! The side did not face any form of resistance throughout the group stages.

Their comfortable victories on the opening day were followed by similar results.

In their opening game on Wednesday, Habib Mugalula’s team beat Eastern Buffalos by 7 wickets. A 45-run win over Northern Elephants then followed in the afternoon.

Paul Mulongo (44) and Timothy Muwanguzi (31) for Leopards did the business with the bat in the afternoon while Hassan Bagaga and Joel Ibanda each with two wickets did so with the ball.

In a round-robin format, Batball X returns on Friday and Saturday with the Super 4 from which the top two who will contest the final on Sunday will be determined.



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