Pictorial: Micho Coaching SC Villa Again?

Micho sent his instructions through Villa trainer Arthur Kyesimira

Uganda Cranes head coach Milutun ‘Micho’ Sredejovich had his influence felt as SC Villa beat Maroons in a FUFA Super Eight fixture at Muteesa II Stadium in Wankulukuku on Thursday.

Micho who sat few meters away from the SC Villa bench inside the Wankuluku perimeter, was seen sharing instructions to Villa head coach Dusan Stojanovic.

The instructions were transmitted through Villa trainer Arthur Kyesimira who went back and forth during the game.

It’s strong to note that despite being both Serbians, the new Villa gaffer has worked as Micho’s Assistant coach at Zamalek and Zambia.

Strong reports suggest that Stojanovic was appointed at Villa under Micho’s advise.

During his unveiling in June, when asked by The-SportsNation on how Micho influenced his move to Villa, Stojanovic said: “Yes, he has influenced me joining my past jobs as well, we are good friends and we are from the same country as well.”

SC Villa Club President Omar Mandela held a former players meeting midway the second half of last season, a meeting with Micho attended!

Its the latest development from dramatic coach Micho who was in May seen at State House with Coffee Investors.

At Wankulukuku, Micho was later joined by his assistant coach Moses Basena inside the perimeter, and it’s Kyesimira who left his duties to take a seat to Basena!

Micho’s first stints in Uganda were at SC Villa, a club he coaches between 2001 and 2004.

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It’s difficult to separate the two friends – Micho and Stojanovic – with reports suggesting that the former has sometimes visited Villa’s training at East High in Ntinda.

How FUFA and Villa will deal with the matter, remains to be seen.

Enjoy the photos (Credit: The-SportsNation)



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