Batball X: Nile Leopards Feel Central Rhinos Team To Beat

Habib Mugalula, the head coach of Nile Leopards is adamant it is going to be an uphill battle for his side and the rest of the teams to stop Central Rhinos during the Batball X that bowls off on Tuesday, August 15.

Six teams including Nile Leopards, Central Rhinos, Northern Elephants, Western Bulls, Eastern Buffalos and Rwanda Emerging, a guest team from Rwanda have been assembled to compete at this event, but the Rhinos are awash with the top youngsters who feature for the national U-19 boys team.

Yunusu Sowobi, Christopher Kidega, Jaffer Ochaya, Conrad Lubwama, Ali Balidawa Anas Baig, Fahad Mutagana, Musa Majid and Ronald Omara are some of Rhinos players who all feature for the Baby Cricket Cranes.

The Central Rhinos are placed in Group A alongside Western Bulls and Emerging Rwanda, but with the kind of arsenal at their disposal, Mugalula whose team is in Group B alongside Northern Elephants and Eastern Buffalos is convinced the rest of the teams will have a hard time upsetting the Rhinos.

“They have had a lengthy run in preparation with the national team so they definitely have an advantage over the other teams.

“They have a very good team. We are going to play; try to give ourselves a shot at it, but truthfully, the rest of us are underdogs.”

Mugalula’s team face Eastern Buffalos in their opening game on Tuesday morning at the Jinja Cricket Oval before taking on Northern Elephants in the afternoon.

Central Rhinos first game will be against Western Bulls on the same at the Lugogo Cricket Oval. And in the afternoon, they will face Rwanda Emerging.

The return legs that will determine who progresses to the Super 4 will be played on Wednesday.



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