Netball Federation: First Lady Gives Sarah Babirye Ultimatum

First Lady Janet Museveni, who doubles as the Minister of Education and Sports, told suspended Netball Federation President Sarah Babirye Kityo to remain out of office.

This follows Babirye’s forceful return to office last month after expiry of the suspension period.

Babirye was asked to step aside from her role as Netball President for three months by the First Lady Janet Museveni to allow thorough investigations of failure to account for Government funds among other accusations.

However, after the end of the three months, Babirye returned to office on July 21, before her grand entry was met with a ‘Coup Coup D’etat’.

The First Lady, according to the letter sent out last week and seen by this Website, says that Babirye should return to office only after the investigations are done and when she issues a new directive.

“As you are aware, I held two successive meetings regarding the leadership and accountability issues with the Uganda Netball Federation at State House Nakasero with the most recent being Friday April 21 where discussions were held and a way forward for the Uganda Netball Federation was partly agreed on that is; for Hon Sarah Babirye to step aside for at least three months pending the conclusion of investigations by the Auditor General and the Criminal Investigation Department of the Police Force,” the letter reads in part.

“I wish to reiterate that the expected reports from these organs of Government have not yet been submitted to my office for final discussions and disposal.

“Therefore, in the current circumstances, the status quo should be maintained and Hon Babirye Sarah Kityo can only resume office when I issue a new directive.”

The First Lady requested the Attorney General, Auditor General and CID to conclude and submit their findings to the Ministry for “further management.”



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