Corporate League: Tug of war introduced at sixth outing

Tug of war is the latest game that was introduced at the 6th outing of the Uganda Corporate League.

The 6th outing of this league was held at MUBS grounds in nakawa and it attracted a number of companies.

The tug of war game involved companies, pulling the rope at either end something that excited many at the venue.

And on Sunday, the kids Corporate League was also introduced where a number of kids participated in Majorly football.

While addressing the press on Sunday, Dennis Mbidde, the Chairman Uganda Corporate League lauded companies that sponsor this event.

“We thank our sponsors Nile breweries, Pepsi who have supported us. Our aim here is to keep fit and healthy and we have tried to deliver to these companies, he said.

In the previous outing (5th), basketball was one of the games that were introduced.

For over the years, the Corporate League brings a couple companies together that participate in different games.

And on Sunday, many companies participated in different games including football, basketball, volleyball, tug of war among others.

The league takes place every last Sunday of every month and it was confirmed that the next outing (7th) will take place at the same venue in Nakawa.



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