FUFA Big League: 13 Clubs Fined For Non Compliance

Up to 13 Big League clubs have been fined by FUFA after failing to meet the minimum Club Licensing Requirements.

The licensing committee revealed so in a letter dated 26th, July 2023, addressed to all CEOs of the Big League clubs.

“Following the circular issued on 12th April 2023 with the FUFA club licensing Action plan 2023/2024, it has been noted that (13) thirteen clubs had not fully submitted all the Club Licensing Mandatory requirements by Monday 24th July 2023.”

According to FUFA, only two clubs namely Lugazi FC and Jinja North FC had fully submitted the required items within the stipulated time.

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Blacks Power, Onduparaka, Police, Booma, Calvary, Kaaro Karungi, Kataka, Mbale Heroes, Kigezi HomeBoys, Kiyinda Boys, Kyetume, Ndejje University and Young Elephants have all failed to comply.

“Unfortunately, this status will delay many other activities that are supposed to follow after the set deadline of 24th July 2023,” FUFA Deputy CEO Decolas Kiiza Hantali revealed.

Sanctionable measures will be applied to defaulting clubs.

FUFA further communicated that;

“Category One: Lugazi FC and Jinja North FC have met all the minimum Club Licensing Requirements, and therefore qualify to get a License to participate in the FUFA Big League.”

“Category Two: The other thirteen (13) clubs that failed to meet the deadline of 24th July 2023 to submit the minimum requirements and having at least 18 players approved on the FUFA Connect System have been fined 1,500,000 UGX (One Million Five Hundred Thousand hillings) per club.

“The money should be paid on the FUFA Account number 0060096105476004 at Eco Bank in the names of Federation of Uganda Football Associations.”

However, the FUFA Club Licensing Committee has extended a grace period of up to Friday 4th August 2023 for the clubs to submit the requirements and complete the exercise.

FUFA strictly demands that the defaulting clubs clear the financial sanctions as per category two above, before any other action.



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