SC Villa Unveils Sh2.7bn Linglong Tire Sponsorship

L-R: SC Villa’s President Omar Mandela, Linglong’s Cathy Kao who heads International Business and Chairman Board of Directors Gerald Sendawula. (Bata Images)

SC Villa are relishing in a big sponsorship package from Linglong Tyre until 2028.

The Chinese tire manufacturing enterprise, has committed an annual $150,000 which will total to $750,000 after five years!

Villa will in other words receive Sh540m every year for the next five years from Linglong Tire, which totals to Sh2.7bn in five years.

This is the biggest and genuine sponsorship package received for a Ugandan Club in recent memory!

The deal has been a success thanks to Mandela group’s connections with the Tire group, with the company’s boss Omar Mandela also the President of SC Villa.

Linglong will appear on Villa’s front shirt for the forthcoming season – Notably, both Villa and Linglong started in 1975!

“It’s my honour to stand here and have this chance for this event,” started Cathy Kao, head of International Business Linglong Tire, representing President Wang.

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“Linglong has had a corporate friendship with Villa for more than 15 years. The two are not joined for business relations only, we are more than friends, we are family.”

“Wang and Omar have a good relationship. In the future, we want to work hand in hand, coporate with each other and bring good luck for the two parties. Our President Wang also loves Sports very much.

“We also know SC Villa has a big potential and hope two parties can bring good luck to each other. Both will work together and achieve better success in the future.”

The unveiling on Thursday, was held at City Oil Kamwokya, attended by many Villa fans, Club Officials, Current and former players.

SC Villa’s chairman of the Members Trust, Gerald Ssendaula, expressed his gratitude and commended Linglong.

“I stand here with a heart of gratitude and appreciation, we gathered here not only to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship but also to acknowledge the support and encouragement we have received from our esteemed sponsors Linglong,” said Asendaula.

“On behalf of entire Villa fraternity, I extend our sincerest thanks to Linglong for their commitment to our club that we will play a vital role in our success and growth for the coming years.

“This will make a huge difference, and whoever will come to give us anything, will find us at least somewhere. They have come at the right time.

“With this sponsorship, we will be able to improve our youth development program so that we will have another young team following and provide an opportunity for aspiring athletes in our region. It will not only save the future of our club but also empower the next generation of our country stars because if at club level the football improves it also benefits the National team.”

Villa finished third last season with 52 points, losing the title on last day of the season to Vipers after a home defeat against URA FC.

The club has undergone numerous changes, including a quick hire and fire of CEO Isaac Mwesigwa.

Jackson Magera was replaced by Serbian Dusan Stojanovic as head coach and assisted by Morley Byekwaso.

The Club, preparing for the new season, will face Maroons in FUFA Super Eight next month.

A couple of new signings have joined the club including Versatile Denis Ojara.



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