Busoga United Told To Pay About Sh15M For Kakindu

Jinja City Council has ordered Busoga United FC to pay UGX1M for each match played at Kakindu Stadium.

For 15 home matches, that would amount to UGX15M for usage of the facility, throughout the entire 2023/24 Uganda Premier League (UPL) season.

The amount could be higher than that if the club gets to host any other competitions there, like the League Cup.

The entire figure appears huge, yet again fair on the face of it, considering that the club gains revenue from gate collection at home games, and Kakindu is without a doubt a very strategic venue for them, given its location and the great history attached to the stadium and the club – kind of a traditional site with great fortunes.

Apparently, Busoga wrote to the Town Clerk’s office Jinja Southern Division, seeking permission to use Kakindu as their home ground for the coming UPL season.

Busoga was given a green light to use the stadium by the Management Committee of the stadium under the City Council, but with stringent measures to adhere to, as seen in a letter dated July 20, 2023.

The letter highlighted: “You will pay Ug.Sh. 1,000,000/- for each match played at the facility to Jinja City Southern Division Collection Account after registering with E-Log-Revenue Registration Center at the Division.”

For avoidance of defaulting and accumulating arrears, the City Council demands that Busoga deposits a postdated Cheque for atleast six matches in advance as a commitment to pay promptly.

“You are required to get clearance from Police for each match to avoid violent scenes and destruction of property,” the City Council outlined.

“You shall be responsible for any injury to any person or damage caused during the matches at the facility.”

“You shall avail the Council with the league fixture for proper planning and scheduling usage of the facility.”

Besides all that, the council made it very clear that the team shall be responsible for the maintenance of the facility.

The City Council further demanded that all the set conditions be complied to without fail, or they would exercise their authority, as they reserve the right to withdraw the permission, especially if the team fails to comply with the set conditions.



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