Carry Your Cross – Minister Ogwang To Babirye

Sports Minister Peter Ogwang and Netball President Sarah Babirye. (Courtesy photo)

State Minister for Sports Hon Peter Ogwang has told embattled Uganda Netball Federation President Sarah Babirye Kityo to deal with her burdens and problems.

This follows recent accusations from Babirye that Ogwang has sided with National Council of Sports in the ongoing ‘battle’ with the Federations.

On top of her accountability issues with NCS, Babirye was recently given bail on charges of obtaining money under false pretence.

“With due respect, Hon. Kityo needs to be honest with herself and sort out her own mess. She was an MP and is alive to parliamentary committee investigation procedures,” Ogwang said.

“She is also alive to the processes of the Office of the Auditor General and how the IGG works. Asking me to protect you from accounting for public funds or accusing me of taking sides is really laughable.”

Ogwang said that public leaders, including himself, cannot run away from public accountability especially when it involves public funds.

He added that Babirye shouldn’t use him as a scapegoat not should he be made to vicariously pay for others’ sins.”

On May 15, the Buganda Road Court remanded Babirye to Luzira, after she was accused of conning millions of shillings from people in promise of taking them abroad.

The accusers include a mother, Sarah Wamala, who was conned Sh8m to take her son to London.

Another accuser, Gloria Kikomeko Nantambi, also gave Babirye Sh8m, among others.

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“Hon. Kityo was arrested and remanded on a matter unrelated to the government or the Netball Federation. Should Ogwang protect you on that?”

“You are being investigated on FY 2021/2022 audit queries long before I was State Minister of Sports. Do you still want me to protect you on things I know nothing about?”

Ogwang said that it’s wrong for Babirye to make the public believe that she is being witch-hunted “because you were even part of the meeting that met the Minister of Education and Sports along with the Auditor General, IGG, Attorney General, myself, and others in April at State House, Nakasero.”

“You were there when the meeting resolved to conduct a special investigation on Uganda Netball Federation.”

Ogwang concluded that he can only support government arms to strengthen public accountability without fear or favour, but not to protect anyone.



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