Sarah Babirye: Netball President Remanded To Luzira

Embattled Uganda Netball Federation President Sarah Babirye Kityo has been sent to Luzira Prison!

The Buganda Road Court said that Babirye conned millions of shillings from people in a bid to take them to United States.

Sources have said that among accusers include a mother, Sarah Wamala, who was conned Sh8m to take her son to London.

Another accuser, Gloria Kikomeko Nantambi, also gave Babirye Sh8m, among others.

Babirye is expected to return to Court on May 17.

When It Rains, It Pours…

This is the latest saga for Babirye who is still battling with National Council of Sports (NCS) over accountability issues.

She was asked to step aside for three months as accountability investigations take course.

And being sent to Luzira, which is a separate case from that of NCS, opens another can of worms.

These accusations were first published by this website last year, with many claiming that the Federation took money from them in the promise of taking their people to the United Kingdom during the concluded Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

And when contacted by this website back in November, Babirye told The-SportsNation:

“It’s true those people gave us their money, but as you know, they came as fans of She Cranes who wanted to go with us to support the team, but with their hidden plans.”

“And as you know, we travel with fans and families of the players sometimes. But you buy your tickets and so on.

“But some came to us needing assistance in terms of recommendations for Visas.

“The money they paid mostly was for meals, accommodations, and tickets for games among others. And we have proof that we paid for these things.

“As a Federation, we don’t give out visas, that is up to the embassy, and unfortunately, some of these people were banned from the UK way back because they had given false information when applying for visas way back then and we were not in the know.

“And they were denied visas. So, we have been refunding some of the money they had given us and most has been settled. But there are no refunds for tickets. Some hotels have refunded the money and we are still waiting for others to do so we will act accordingly as well.

“We are not a travel agency so we do not take people for ‘byes’ (work abroad). Some people just wanted to take advantage of the situation. But we don’t have such powers, that are left with the embassy.”



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