More Revelations In NCS-Netball Saga

The saga between Uganda Netball Federation and National Council of Sports is yet to reach its climax.

And with the matter being looked into by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) as raised by the Auditor General, more accountability flaws have been obtained.

On Thursday, the Committee probed the Netball Federation on the Sh100m disbursed to them by NCS for the Men’s Netball Championship in South Africa in 2021.

UNF President (under suspension) Sarah Babirye Kityo, VP Richard Muhumuza, Publicity Yahya Ssengabi and Treasurer Aidah Nambusi and the Players (Rock) were all queried.

The Federation confirmed receiving Sh100m from NCS for the trip.

Nambusi told the committee that she withdrew Sh98m which she took to babirye in her office, with other Executive members present.

Ssengabi, also confirmed what Nambusi said, adding that Babirye took Sh25m and later Sh5m as well which she put under her table. Sh11m was paid to Beyond Sky Travel Company for five air tickets and Sh1.7m for Mando Shoes and clothing centre.

Then, Sh15m was given to Muhumuza to take back to Dr Patrick Bernard Ogwel (NCS General Secretary)!

Muhumuza confirmed: “Yes I took the Sh15m back to Ogwel, it was a debt he had helped us with for Visas.”

Muhumuza added that he was given the remaining Sh40.3m to cater for feeding and accommodation in South Africa for the team.

“Babirye told me to revise the budget, because the initial budget was Sh72m.”

Muhumuza justified the discrepancies in budgets being presented: “The budget we were supposed to follow was never followed that’s why we see people fogging the budget.”

“Whoever is making the budget, he/she is trying to forge it so that he meets the actual budget.”

Consequently, the PAC deputy chairperson, Hon. Asuman Basalirwa handed the UNF President, Sarah Kityo, Richard Muhumuza (Vice President) and Aidah Nambusi (Treasurer) to the Parliament Police Criminal Investigation Department for further management.

They were later released after making statements, and on bail.

Babirye refuted all the accusations, adding that she delegated Muhumuza as the responsible officer for financial management of the entire trip in South Africa.”

But it is said that the Letter which was authorizing Muhumuza, was dates July 7th, yet at the time, the Federation had not received an invitation letter for the trip!

It has been a gruelling week, with NCS Internal Auditor put on spot for submitting documents with errors.

All parties denied the authenticity of documents submitted by their opponents, including players signatures!



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