Victoria Series: Final Washed Out, Uganda Champions

The heavy downpour that engulfed Kampala and it’s surroundings on Sunday denied the fans what was expected to be an epic final between hosts Uganda and Tanzania.

Uganda and Tanzania had booked the final two spots in the Victoria Series, both beating the other three teams including Kenya, Tanzania, and UAE, but were not able to entertain the fans due to bad weather.

Uganda however, came out as champions owing to the fact that they entered the final as the team leading the table. Uganda won all it’s games excluding their game against Kenya that was washed out.

At the prize giving ceremony, Kenya captain Sharon Juma was given her flowers after announcing her retirement from international cricket after serving the game for fifteen years.

Despite finishing fourth, Rwanda had something to smile home about! Henrietta Ishimwe was named the Player of the tournament after gunning 468 points on total.

Janet Mbabazi beat captain Consy Aweko by 37 points to be named Uganda’s player of the tourney. Aweko however, won the Best Bowler of the tournament after picking seven wickets. UAE’s Kavisha Kumar was named the best batter of the tournament after garnering 112 runs.

Uganda will now turn attention to the Capricorn Eagles Quadrangular set to bowl off tomorrow in Windhoek in Namibia.

The team travels tonight and are set to play UAE in their opening game on Tuesday. The Namibia tourney has four teams including Uganda, UAE, Hong Kong and the hosts take part.


  1. BEST BATTER – Kavisha Kumari (UAE)
  2. Best Bowler – Consy Aweko (Uganda)
  3. MVP – Henrietta Ishimwe (Rwanda)



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