Eagles Win Central Rugby League

Central league results | Match day 8
Eagles 63 – 03 Jaguars
Pacers 20 – 00 Kyambogo

Kitante-based Eagles Rugby beat Jaguars 63-03 in the final league game to clinch the championship title of the Central League.

With this victory, the Eagles cemented their position at the top of the central league standings and secured their place in the playoffs in their bid to qualify for the Nile Special Rugby Premier league.

The Eagles’ dominant victory over the Jaguars was a fitting end to their successful campaign in the Central League 2023.

Winning seven of their eight league games and drawing one, they were unbeaten, scored a points difference of 335 and secured a total of thirty five winning points at the top of the table, coming ahead of their tight competitors- Warriors and Kyambogo.

They will now look to build on this momentum as they strive to make their mark in the playoffs and secure their place in the top tier league of Uganda’s rugby.

In the playoffs, they will face competition from the other regional league champions as they strive to qualify for the premier league.

Tooro Lions beat Mbarara Titans 13-03 to claim the Western Regional 15s Championship and will join the Eagles in the playoffs.

The play off will feature four teams, each being the winner from the four different regions- Central, Western, Northern and Eastern.

They will come together for the play off from which the winner will earn promotion into the 2024 Nile Special Rugby Premier League season.

Regional Champions

Central – Eagles RFC
Western- Tooro Lions
Eastern – TBD
Northern- TBD



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