I&M Bank Boosts Katogo Invitational Golf Series

I&M Bank has confirmed their partnership with the Entebbe Club’s Katogo Invitational Golf Series.

The event, a quarterly home course competition held at the Entebbe Club for all its club members, has not had a sponsor since recent past.

First held on January 14 this year, the Katogo Invitational Golf Series is a contest categorised into four events – Daytona held in the first quarter, followed by Call your shots in the second quarter, Me too in the third quarter and Oh Gosh in the last quarter of the year.

The Acting Managing Director of I&M Bank Uganda, Sam Ntulume said that the sponsorship of this event is integral to the bank’s commitment to support golf in the country.

“The Katogo Invitational Golf Series is more than just a golf tournament – it’s an opportunity for Ugandan golfers to test their mettle on the greens and compete to become Uganda’s top golfers,” Ntulume said.

“I&M Bank has a strong commitment to sports and other activities that bring communities together. We strongly believe that investing in sports will help foster unity and healthy competition in society.”

Annette Nakiyaga, the Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs I&M Bank said: “For those who qualify for the series, the Katogo Invitational Golf Series is an opportunity to refine their skills and reach a higher level of excellence.”

“We also hope that the Katogo invitational Golf Series will help bring more attention to one of the most beloved sports in the country.”

With I&M Bank’s support, this event can help Ugandan golfers reach their potential as they strive towards becoming professional players or rising stars in the sport.

Jacob Byamukama, the Chairman Entebbe Golf Club said that the goal for the Katogo Invitational Golf Series is for golfers of all skill levels to have a unique, enjoyable experience that emphasizes camaraderie and competition.

“Aside from providing a platform for professional players to showcase their skills, the series allows newcomers to experience a bit of the competitive spirit and take part in a fun, exciting event,” said Byamukama.

The quarterly series that started on 14 January 2023 will run up to 9 December 2023.



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