Six Adjumani Players Injured After Attack By Kataka Fans

Six Adjumani TC players and the Assistant Coach were taken to hospital after their team bus was attacked after their FUFA Big League game in Mbale on Thursday.

The attacks happened as the team was travelling out of Mbale Municipal Stadium following their 4-2 chaotic loss.

Adjumani coach Akena Godfrey, speaking while at Mbale Referral Hospital, said that one of his player’s phone was snatched just as they were entering their bus.

And chaos ensued as Adjumani players went out to retrieve the phone.

“It’s really very sad, we had come to play a game of football. But this is how we ended it, and we have matches coming up and I really don’t know,” he said while he was stranded with the players at the Hospital

“I have nothing much to say, I am just disappointed.”

The gaffer also said that everything was wrong right even before kickoff and the day’s ‘poor officiating’.

“The game was not under control, from the reception. I once called my players and there was a stamped for almost 10 minutes because there was no fairness.”

A Mbale Journalist who spoke to This website said that Adjumani were supposed to get a free kick, but the referee awarded it to Kataka instead which caused for a game to pause for about 10 minutes, and it’s from that incident where Kataka got their first goal.

FUFA has said in a brief statement: “Any form of hooliganism in football will be handled by our competent FUFA Judicial Bodies.”

“We have acted before and we donโ€™t intend to create any gap whatsoever as the beautiful game must be enjoyed to the fullest with great joy.
Perpetrators of hooliganism will be brought to book.”

It’s strong to remember that Kataka, at the end of last season, were involved in a similar incident against Kyetume FC at the same venue.

A fan punched an assistant referee while two Kataka FC players tortured a Kyetume player and Police was forced to fire tear gas.

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  1. Ugandan football game is just to create enemity no friendship but fufa president can’t take a strong action such as banning the club, especially when they were playing fufa drum final second league from lira fans of west Nile were attacked and no action was taken .

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