Batball Open: Western Edition To Focus On Personal Hygiene

Batball’s first ever campaign to curb social vices among young boys across the country is finally at it’s final bend.

The campaign that started last year in November with the Eastern edition in Soroti aims to curb practices unacceptable by society among young people.

Themes including gender based violence, teenage pregnancies and the fight against HIV/AIDS were headlined in East, Nile,
North and Central regions, and in the Western region, the theme will be to ‘keep personal hygiene’

The Batball Open western edition was launched earlier today at the Lugogo cricket oval, and it is set to bowl off on Friday April 7 at the Serenity Oval in Kamengo.

Four teams including Kayonza, Oruyongoyongo, Entuuha and Enyawawa are set to compete in this edition, and like the previous editions, the team names have been derived from birds that are best known to the locals in the region for purposes of the community easily identifying with the teams.

The tournament will be played in a 10 Over format between 7th and 8th, with nine games set to played. 16 best players in this event will be selected to join each of the 16 that were selected from the respective regions for the ultimate event which is the Batball X.

Batball X is scheduled for June in Lugogo.



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