When Marcelo Bielsa threatened some ultras with a hand grenade

Marcelo Bielsa, the renowned Argentine football coach, is known for his eccentric and unconventional ways. At the http://so.1xbet.com/ website you can wager on matches from all teams coached by Bielsa.

Some of the teams that he has managed during his career include:

  • the Argentinian national team;
  • the Chilean national team;
  • Marseille;
  • Leeds United;
  • Athletic Bilbao;
  • and Newell’s Old Boys.

One incident that highlights his peculiar behavior occurred in 1992 when he was coaching Newell’s Old Boys in Rosario, Argentina. It turns out that in 1992, his team had suffered a humiliating 6-0 defeat against San Lorenzo. Now at the 1xBet website you can wager on all matches between Argentinian football teams too.

The result had been so bad that the ultras of Newell’s Old Boys went to Bielsa’s house in order to demand an explanation for the low performance of the team. What happened there is something that those who threatened the coach will certainly never forget.

When patience runs out…

Bielsa was already used to this kind of behavior from the ultras. You can 1xBet download iOS on phone in order to wager on Argentinian football teams from your smartphone. However, this time the manager’s patience ran out. The ultras had been signing for a while outside of his home and this time he wanted to settle things for good.

He had a hand grenade at his home. However, it should be remembered that it was a museum artifact. In other words, it didn’t have any kind of explosive component. Nevertheless, he grabbed the grenade, opened the door of his house and then all hell broke loose. It is possible to download the official 1xBet app on your iOS phone to wager on matches from Newell’s Old boys too.

A solution that brought great results

After Bielsa opened the door of his house, he showed the hand grenade to the ultras. He furiously demanded the fans to leave his home or he would throw them the grenade. Apparently the threat from the football manager was quite believable. This was because the ultras slowly began to back down. While waiting for other bizarre football occurrences, try the great selection of games available at the www.so.1xbet.com/slots website.

But Bielsa didn’t stop there. He began to approach the ultras and they began to escape. It is said that the coach chased the group of scared fans for many blocks until eventually they disappeared. This is one of those stories that can’t come from anyone else other than just from the legendary Marcelo Bielsa. If you want to wager on the matches of his teams, you can visit the 1xBet website now.



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