PulseBet, Bwogi Foundation Quench Naguru Thirst

PulseBet in partnership with Bwogi Foundation under renown Boxer Shadir Musa Bwogi, have donated a 10,000-liter water tank to the East Coast boxing community home located in the slum area of Naguru.

The donation will cater to over 200 boxers who face difficulties accessing clean, safe and healthy water in their community.

The lack of access to clean water has been a significant challenge for the East Coast boxing community home.

This initiative is expected to improve the lives of these boxers and the community they live in.

The boxers will be able to concentrate better on their training and improve their performance in the sport.

“At PulseBet, we are committed to making meaningful community investments that positively impact the sports fraternity and several other sustainable causes in the different communities in which we operate,” said Ivy Igunduura, Brand Manager, PulseBet Uganda.

“We are excited to partner with the Bwogi Foundation to provide access to clean water for this boxing community. We believe that this donation will go a long way in enabling these boxers to lead more positive and productive lives.

“We look forward to the continued growth of such partnerships as we extend our projects throughout Uganda by funding sustainable causes under Sports development, Health, water and sanitation, and Education – financial literacy pillars of Pulse Cares; with credible partners across different sectors while delivering community development programs important to our audience.”

Bwogi, who represented Uganda at the Tokyo Olympics, said: “Our Foundation is delighted to partner with PulseBet to create access to clean and safe water for the boxers that we train and support.”

“Our goal is to support the youth in improving their livelihoods and communities through sport instead of crime, and we are glad that PulseBet has come on board to provide a boost through the provision of clean water to this boxers’ community.”



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