Kabojja International Partners With UOC To Promote Olympism

Kabojja International School have embraced the Olympism movement after partnering with Uganda Olympic Committee.

The two parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Tuesday as Kabojja seek to promote Olympic values and Sports at the School.

President Donald Rukare and Commissioner for Gender Equality and Diversity Ms. Annet Nakamya represented Uganda Olympic Committee.

Kabojja International School was represented by Principal Sam Turya and Head of Sports Baker Kyambadde.

Donald Rukare and Sam Turya during the signing of the MOU at Kabojja International

“We are very happy to announce the partnership with UOC and Kabojja International School,” started Rukare.

“This Partnership is looking at how together we can promote Olympism and the whole idea of Education and Culture through a number of activities that are going to be carried on in the coming period.

“We thank Kabojja management for allowing to partner with us and we believe that it’s through these kinds of partnerships that we can be able to not only spread Olympism and the whole idea of Olympic movement but also the sports side of it in terms of Kabojja has a very strong culture in sports, excellent facilities and are still building more.

“We believe that not only this MOU, and through this engagement, Kabojja is already on it’s way to becoming one of the very Sporting Powerhouses in various Sporting disciplines and we look forward to hosting regional and national events here.

“So we are very thrilled and we have a debate that start this week. And though tho we can be able to identify young people who can in many ways exhibit the strong values.”

Rukare said that Kabojja International have good facilities and good young students which they can benefit from to achieve their Sporting goals.

He added that the partnership is very timely and they are looking forward to outcomes of what they have signed.

Under the terms of the MOU, UOC will stage events including annually – The Olympic Values contests aimed at engaging young people to challenge, interact and share with each other about Olympism and contemporary issues affecting Sports among others.

UOC will also train teachers and students in Olympism and provide material and necessary equipment through programs such as the IOC Olympic Solidarity – Sport Management Courses.

UOC is also expected to avail itself and attend all functions and Sporting events organised by Kabojja International.

“We are doing the Cambridge and International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum and the values of the Curriculum are more less intertwined with the values of the Olympics,” said Principal Turya.

“Excellence, Respect and Friendship are the three core values of Olympism. We don’t do academics alone but we also do social skills. And social skills are embedded in the Values you Uganda Olympics have.

“If you look at the Olympics, the developed world have more medals because they have better facilities, mentally prepared and do not have that mediocrity thinking that games are for the weak.

“As the School that is promoting Social Values, it’s an advantage that you are going to partner with us because we are sure there is something we can benefit from you.

“We have good facilities here, but the essence of these facilities is not to show off. We want to train active young ones and oriented in achieving.”

Turya asserted that they have facilities that accommodate over 400 guests and added that they hope to use their new partnership with UOC as a good platform for their growth.



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