Rugby Clubs Acquire SafeBoda as Transport Partner

Three Rugby Clubs – KOBs, Impis and Warriors – have confirmed SafeBoda as their official Transport Partner for the ongoing 2023/24 season.

The announcement was made on Friday, March 24 at a press briefing held at Legends Ground in Lugogo.

The partnership will see Safeboda offer discounted rides to players and fans going to attend the games.

“We live in this society and it’s important to care and support the community we live in,” Started Ricky Rapa Thomson, the co-founder of Safeboda.

“We will be giving a very simple transport token to the players and we hope to extend this offer to other members of the fraternity.

“This is the beginning of a very long journey and we want to work together for the betterment of the players and Sport in general.”

Ricky Rapa Thomson, the co-founder of Safeboda.

Thomson said that they want to grow with Rugby, and commended Uganda Rugby Union.

On choosing the three clubs, he said: “There was nothing technical or rocket science involved. It was a choice and recommendation before we extend it to other groups. I have to say that these three are the lucky ones.”

Andrew Ikopit, Team Manager KOBs, expressed his gratitude and welcomed the incentives that come along with the partnership.

The Players stated that the new deal will allow them to reach training and on matchday venue on time.

Pius Mpoza of Impis said that they are “honoured” for the new partnership with a reputable company.

For Warriors, they said: “We look forward to grow together, this is the space we can tap into. We hope you ride together to glory.”



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