KOBs, Rhinos Meet in the Legends Derby

Match-day 12 Fixtures || 25th March, 2023

Rams Vs Hippos (2pm-Makerere)
Rhinos Vs Kobs (3pm- Legends)
Walukuba Bs Heathens (4pm- Walukuba)
Mongers Vs Buffaloes (4pm-Entebbe)
Impis Vs Pirates (4pm- Makerere)

After suffering a massive defeat in their first leg face off against KOBs, Rhinos who will be seeking revenge as the hosts this time, are staged in ninth position in the league with just nine points attained from the eleven games played in yhe Rugby Premier League.

They are currently struggling to find form but will be looking to upset the league leaders KOBs and regain some momentum to prove that they are a formidable force to be reckoned with.

KOBs on the other hand, are seated top of the league, having already secured a comprehensive victory against Rhinos in the first leg with a score of 54-00, a game in which Pius Ogena scored 4 tries as Rhinos were unable to put up a score on board.

The Kobs have been in excellent form lately, having won their previous three matches convincingly, including their recent outing to Jinja where they overcame the Hippos. They will be looking to continue their fine run of form and maintain their dominance over their Legends-based rivals.

With the combination of skillful players, experience and a solid game plan, Kobs will hope to dominate Rhinos once again and claim yet another victory.

Rhinos will therefore need to be top of their game if they are to challenge their arch-rivals for a positive result.

They’ll need to showcase impressive defence abilities to deny points to a side that has scored the most points in the league this season.

Important to note is that, Rhinos have only been to able to score just two tries against the Kobs in their last five face offs. They will have to work on their attacking strategy to be able to break through the Kobs solid defence and register some scores for themselves in this return leg.

They are known for having fast-paced and agile line players commanded by Paul Kalungi at scrumhalf and quick ball recycling at break downs. If the Rhinos can utilise this to their advantage, they will be able to penetrate the Kobs defence.

The league leaders, who are known to all for their strong forwards and their relentless attacking play, will be relying on their front row players who possess exceptional scrummaging abilities to unsettle the Rhinos defence. Their experienced midfield led by Joseph Aredo and Daudi Semwami is equally strong and has some of the best ball handlers and carriers in the league.

Kobs have a solid kicking game, and they will be looking to keep Rhinos pinned in their own half.

Their forwards have displayed exceptional lineout skills, and they will be hoping to dominate that aspect of the game.

In addition, eighth man Pius Ogena who has been on excellent try scoring form will be having an eye out during scrummages in the Rhinos redzone.

Rhinos will hope to keep him away from the white wash but by the looks of his recent victims, Pius Ogena may look a little unstoppable.

This being a Legends derby, it is set to be a fascinating encounter with both teams having a lot to play for.

Rhinos will be looking for redemption, while Kobs will be looking to cement their position on the table.

The fans can hence expect a fast and physical game, with plenty of big hits, line breaks, and tries.

Who will win??

Much as it’s a derby encounter, it is right to state that this game will replicate the events from the first leg.

It will be a high scoring game for the visitors of the day, Kobs, and hopefully Rhinos will be able to find a way of scoring as well.

The game will be more or less a non-contest as it will turn out to be one sided in favour of the visitors. Kobs will deny Rhinos possession and hence outdo them, collecting maximum points at the end of the day.

It is a game that will see Felix Kyewalabye make his senior debut for Kobs having been promoted from the junior side-Boks.



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