NCS Ordered To Release Netball Federation Funds

National Council of Sports (NCS) has been ordered by the Inspectorate of Government to release funds meant for Uganda Netball Federation.

This, is the latest development and re awakens the recent ugly exchanges between NCS and UNF over funding!

The letter from Deputy IGG Patricia Achan Okiria, addressing NCS General Secretary Dr Bernard Patrick Ogwel, seen by this website, directs Council to transfer funds meant for UNF within seven days!

The Inspectorate of Government says that they made investigations after receiving complaints alleging among others non-remittance of funds to Federations to carry out their activities.

In the letter, Achan says that the Ministry of Finance transferred Sh7bn to NCS.

“More findings reveal that NCS released/transfered only Sh186,374,110 to Uganda Netball Federation in quarter two of 2021/22, instead of Sh425,014,000 planned for the two tournaments of She Cranes pent series and African Championship Trip to Namibia,” reads the letter in part.

“The accountabilities for the above funds and the report regarding the tournaments were dully submitted to NCS on November 25 2021. The funds was remitted on October 28 2021 through Federation’s Bank Account no. 903000060589 held at Stanbic Bank, Nakivubo branch then.

“Albeit the above remittance of Sh186,347,110 to the Federation and the subsequent accountability therefrom, the NCS instead withheld release of more funds to the Uganda Netball Federation on account of failure to not properly accounting for Sh425,014,000 allegedly released for the two tournaments held in Namibia.”

It’s reported that NCS has not issued out funds to Netball Federation again due to their failure to make proper accountability.

Netball Federation is yet to comment on the matter but it’s expected that they are supposed to receive Sh3bn, which is also part of their preparation for the 2023 Netball World Cup in South Africa and also host the Africa Netball Championship later this year.

The letter adds: “Uganda Netball Federation needs adequate funds and preparations to guarantee success in both tournaments.

“Therefore, the continued withholding of Uganda Netball Federation’s funds on allegations of unaccounted for funds by the NCS on unsubstantiated allegations is counterproductive and this malicious. It may further be perceived as sabotage and or frustration of the Federation’s activities in the circumstance such as this.

“This is to direct you to transfer funds meant for Uganda Netball Federation within Seven (7) days of receipt of this director. Upon such transfer, you are further directed to furnish this office with evidence of such transfer to the Federation as soon as practicable, to form our opinion on the next course of action.”

NCS has remained silent on the developments, by press time.



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