Why Have Orland Brothers Shunned MX Championship Locally

Stav Orland. (Bata images)

In August last year, the Motocross Association of Uganda (MAU) reconciled and agreed to work hand in hand with the Federation of motorsports clubs of Uganda and in their quest for autonomy.

But ever since, so many events have happened but Orland Brothers (Stav, Aaron and Aviv Orland) haven’t been competing for Uganda.

Remember, they had earlier on secured South African licenses during the time of ‘exile’.

This year, Uganda has had two rounds of the mountain dew national motocross championship but none of which they have been part of but instead they have been competing in South Africa.

However their father Barrack Orland says they will be back soon possibly with Easter Sunday event to be hosted in Busiika that will be the third round. But still that pauses a question if they will only be riding in only events hosted in Busiika then South Africa?

Barrack added: “South Africa competition is much better compared to Uganda and South Africa is hosting continental championships this year, therefore its good to practice from there if you’re capable.”

He also revealed that, Some races in USA do need one to have competed on higher level like that of south Africa and South Africa is one of those recognized in USA, therefore it was ideal having them in South Africa.

It’s also believed that the Orland brothers – Stave, Aviv and Aaron are being prepared for world championships next year.

Fortune Ssentamu is another rider who has raced in South Africa before and Barrack says that there is hope for Fortune to have more races in South Africa this year.

Barrack also commended the growth of motocross in Uganda now with increased tracks from only Busiika and Garuga to now Kaliisizo and Nakawuka.



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