FUBA Passes Sh3bn Budget For Year 2023

FUBA Vice President Finance Aggrey Mbonye

The Federation of Uganda Basketball Associations (FUBA) passed a budget worth Ugx 3,110,608,200 for the financial year 2023.

This, was during the Annual General Meeting that also re-elected Nasser Sserunjogi on Saturday at Africana Hotel in Kampala.

The budget will cater for Federation activities mainly the National Basketball League season expenses and the National teams.

The National teams, from U16 to the seniors, take the lion’s share of Sh2.5bn.

The 2023 NBL expenses will take Sh611m, and will cover things like Officiating costs, Courts hire, Publicity and Marketing, Administrative costs among others.

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The NBL season is set to tip off on Friday March 17.

The National team engagements include Men’s Afrocan (June), 3×3 World Cup, U16 Afrobasket Qualifiers, Women Afrobasket among others this year.

The Federation’s Projected Income for the Year 2023 is Sh3,361050,000, with Sh3bn expected to come from the Government.

FUBA 2023 Budget Summary:
*NBL Expenses – 611,646,000
*FUBA Coaches Clinic – 1,160,000
*Women’s Day Invitational tourney – 5,000,000
*FUBA Critical Activities (National Teams) – 2, 492,802,200
-Total: 3,110,608,200

FUBA Revenue Projections
•Government Grant – 3,000,000,000
•Sponsorship Tuskerlite – 100,000,000
•Playoff Sponsorship Stanbic – 10,000,000
•Gate Collections – 200,000,000
•Club Registration NBL – 48,000,000
•Others (Rights, Catering etc) – 3,050,000
*Total – 3,361,050,000



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