Nasser Sserunjogi Re-elected As FUBA President

New FUBA Executive:
*President – Nasser Sserunjogi
*VP Administration – Hudson Ssegamwenge
*VP Technical – Baker Kyambadde
*VP Finance – Aggrey Mbonye
*VP Marketing, Media & Publicity – Arnold Katabi
*Commissioner For Women – Rachel Atuhaire
*Commissioner for Youth – Patricia Ayebare

Nasser Sserunjogi has retained his seat as the President of Federation of Uganda Basketball Association (FUBA).

Sserunjogi was re-elected on Saturday during the FUBA AGM held at Hotel Africana.

He returns for the next four years (2023-2026) after beating Gordon Gumisiriza, with 39-16 votes in that order.

“With 39 votes, I would like to announce Mr Nasser Sserunjogi as the elected FUBA President,” briefly said Moses Mwase (Uganda Swimming Federation President) who worked as Returning Officer for the Elections.

Sserunjogi is back for the next four years having served in the same office since 2019 when he beat Grace Kwizera.

He was replacing Ambrose Tashobya, having worked under his reign as FUBA General Secretary.

In his victory remarks, Sserunjogi briefly commented: “Members, I thank you for trusting me with the new term, we ask you to work with us, we have pillars that we have built so far and we just want to consolidate on them to develop the game of basketball.

“If you have new ideas, other than being in the corridors, come and we work together.”

In the other elective position, Racheal Ainamasiko beat Mariam Birungi for the FUBA Commissioner for Women.

What Next?

Gordon Gumisiriza seemingly in deep thoughts. (Courtesy photo)

It promised to be a tight race and there was growing concern that Gordon Gumisiriza could unseat Sserunjogi.

This was very founded given that of the 56 teams eligible to vote, a big chunk (33 to be specific) are Lower Division teams where Gumisiriza was until June last year a Finance Manager for the Lower League Management Committee.

And he was beaming with confidence even hours before the Elections.

Sources close to Gumisiriza’s camp have off the record accused Sserunjogi of bribing the Voters, allegations this website has failed to confirm.

Whether Gumisiriza and his team will file a petition, remains to be seen. And it’s strong to note that National Council of Sports was not represented.

Sserunjogi and his camp, including his campaigning manager Julius Lutwama, did their underground work.

The President and his camp approached almost every team, selling them their idea, starting with their opponent Gumisiriza as Sserunjogi admitted during a Presidential debate on NBS Sport.

Those who spoke with Sserunjogi can confess that before the Elections, he had estimated to get 40 votes. He missed by just one.

And that shows the level of underground work he did with his team.

The reward for now, is more four years at the helm of Ugandan Basketball.

Where To Improve

Sserunjogi has been criticized for being a micro manager and working alone even with structures set at the Federation.

That, including broken relationship Government, might be some of the major hindrances in this new reign.

But the other issue that must be addressed is the National teams – With Government reluctant to fund the Teams engagements, FUBA will be expected to search outside the box.

He recently blamed the one-and-half years of Covid-19 for affecting some of his set goals in the concluded term.

Sserunjogi has talked about an incoming Sponsor for the National Basketball League, and that will be another big achievement.

The President also talked about advanced plans to acquire land, which is located along Entebbe Road, to house an indoor Stadium, four small outdoors, Gyms, Offices among others.

It remains to be seen if Sserunjogi can walk the talk.

Former FUBA Presidents:
*Pat Conway 1963-1973
*Hillary Onek 1996-1998
*Henry Musisi 1999-2003
*John Ssimbwa 2004-2006
*Ambrose Tashobya 2007-2011
*Ambrose Tashobya 2012-2018
*Nasser Sserunjogi 2019-2022



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