Ronnie Kalema: FUFA Planning To Bring VAR

Ronnie Kalema, the Executive Secretary of Football Development, has revealed that FUFA is plotting to have Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system in Uganda.

Kalema, a former Chairman of FUFA Referees Standing Committee, made the surprising revelations on Wednesday on NBS Sport.

Kalema made the remarks in the wake of a controversial decision by FUFA to order a replay of Uganda Cup game between BUL and SC Villa.

BUL had initially eliminated Villa from the Competition after a 1-0 victory but the Jogoos petitioned the Federation after a disallowed goal.

Kalema was against the idea of referees consulting the OB Van for every game broadcast live on TV incase of some questionable decisions.

But later said: “We (FUFA) are discussing with people who handle that technology (VAR) and very soon we might unveil it,” said Kalema.

“I head the Science and Technology innovations at FUFA and what we want to do is to improve the game of football and to eliminate all these errors so that people can come and enjoy the game.

“Football should be an event where we come and laugh off and of course have clean goals.”

Referees have been under scrutiny this season after contested calls

When asked by Show Host Andrew Kabuura whether his VAR talk is a political statement, Kalema stressed his point.

“From where I sit, we are discussing this VAR issue and our target is to become the Number one footballing nation in Africa.”

Kalema’s talk looks far-fetched given the hefty costs of implementing the technology.

“That doesn’t stop us from discussing VAR and understanding the nitty-gritty that it provides.”

South African PSL, one of African’s top ranked League doesn’t have VAR.

Only Egypt and Morocco leagues have used the VAR, but CAF has used the technology in AFCON, CHAN, Women AFCON and sparingly in Inter Club competitions.

With a couple of contested officiating decisions almost made in every match, the need to have VAR in Uganda has never been greater than ever before, but whether FUFA can afford the technology still remains a one-sided debate.



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