NGO League Back Bigger and Better For Third Edition

All is set for the third edition of the
Namilyango College Old (NGO) Boys League.

The league, organized around cohorts of former students of Namilyango College, gets underway this Sunday at Kitante.

This new edition has attracted 18 teams, including defending Champions Los Bandidos (2000-2005).

“We established this league to promote competitive football and rebuild networks,” said Ngo League chairman Andrew Galabuzi who belongs to Bamusayi Muto team.

“And this year, we have added CSR as the third goal – We want to do it in a bigger way in our community outreach. We are focussing mainly on Education and the healthy of the School going pupils.”

Galabuzi noted that they will be giving 10 scholarships to pupils of Kitante Primary School.

Namilyango College

Previously, the league was played twice a month but this time it will be held once, and that is the first Sunday of every Month.

The oldest team is ‘Kyayitiridde’ class of 1991-97 while the youngest ‘Titans’ (2012-17).

It’s strong to note that Champions of the Captain Morgan Shield is ‘A Few Good Men’ (2001-2006).

UBL under their brand Captain Morgan, Prudential, Jibu Water, BDI Capital among others are some of the sponsors for this edition.

How season two ended

“We welcome more partners on board to make this a success,” said Galabuzi.

“We urge everyone to come and fraternize with NACOBA community, you will have a lot of fun.

“We also have plenty of activities lined up for the kids including Bouncing Castles and Face Paintings.”

Namilyango, established in 1902 by the Catholic Mill Hill Fathers, is the Oldest Secondary School in Uganda.

Confirmed teams:

  1. Kyayitiridde (1991-1997)
  2. Top Layer Battalion (1994-1999)
  3. PK96 (1996-2001)
  4. Madiaba (1997-2002)
  5. BaGuy (1998-2003)
  6. BaMusaayiMuto (1994-2004)
  7. LosBandidos (2000-2005)
  8. FewGoodMen (2001-2006)
  9. Shooters (2002-2007)
  10. DreamTeam (2003-2008)
  11. Stingers (2004-2009)
  12. Gonyaama (2005-2010)
  13. Butida (2006-2011)
  14. Hornbills (2008-2013)
  15. Barbarians (2009-2014)
  16. Tyrants (2010-2015)
  17. Hornets (2011-2016)
  18. Titans (2012-2017)



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