Shame in UPL! Player Almost Lose Life Without Ambulance

There were disturbing scenes at FUFA Technical Centre in Njeru in the Uganda Premier League second round opener between Busoga United and Maroons.

Maroons player Sula Mpanga almost lost his life due to absolute negligence of the concerned!

Mpanga suffered a concussion just at the stroke of half-time, but there was no ambulance at the venue to further him for advanced medical support.

And it needed a Maroons CEO Rodrick Muhumuza to whisk him away in his car to Rippon Hospital in Jinja.

Sula Mpanga in hospital

His place was taken by Ceaser Olega, in a match Maroons won 1-0 with Darius Ojok scoring late in the game.

Maroons have confirmed that the player has been transported back to Kampala for further assistance.

The incident leaves the state of medical of medical preparedness at the games once again.

Busoga United at Fault?

Uganda Premier League rules have it that the hosting club must avail an ambulance at the venue before the game kicks off.

It is said that there was an ambulance before the game kicked off, but it was no where to be seen when the incident happened!

“Before the game, in the pre-match meeting with the Match Coordinator an Ambulance was present physically at the Technical center, and the day’s match coordinator inspected and ascertained its availability,” said Maroons CEO Muhumuza.

“Everyone was baffled when the player got into a life threatening situation and 5 minutes later no ambulance was coming.

“We later found out the ambulance left immediately the match kicked off as they assumed all would be normal.

“It’s a lesson learnt, players lives should be considered as utmost instead of the games some of the host clubs play.

“The ambulance only returned close to end of the match when the player had already been transferred by private vehicle to hospital.”

Same Old Days?

In 2017, then URA FC player Henry Kisekka was whisked away in a mini van to Life Link in Kyaliwajja after he collapsed following a duel with Joseph Othieno in a league game at Namboole against UPDF.

There was also no ambulance in place at Wankulukuku in 2017 when Express Nigerian defender Vicenet Onyebuchi broke his leg. He was rushed to hospital by in a Toyota Prado!

Lweza FC striker Frank ‘Majja’ Lutalo died in similar incidents in 2014 after a head collision in training as it was the case with Happy Boys Kyengera FC’s Farouk Ssekimwanyi who also died after he collapsed in training .



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