Masaza Cup Final: The Delay and Why Wankulukuku

Minister Henry Ssekabembe addressing the press about the Masaza Cup final

The Brief:

Saturday, March 4 2023
*Busiro Vs Buddu
(Muteesa II Memorial Stadium at Wankulukuku)

Entrance: 20,000 (ordinary), 50,000 (VIP)

Masaza Cup Prize Money:
*Winner – Sh12m
*Runners Up – Sh9m
*Third Place – Sh7m
*Fourth Place – Sh5m

The Minister of Sports, Youth and Leisure in the Buganda Kingdom Henry Ssekabembe has confirmed the dates for the 2022 Masaza Cup final.

Finally, the epic showdown will be held on Saturday, March 4 2023 at Wankulukuku Stadium.

Buddu will meet Busiro in what promises to be a tough encounter and a day of celebrations as well.

But the final comes about five months since the semifinals were played in October 2022.

“We have been having so many issues ongoing within the Kingdom establishment,” said Ssekabembe on Thursday at Bulange, Mengo.

“It’s not that we are scaling on the preferences and that Masaza or Bika is not very important, no. It has taken long because of unavoidable circumstances.

“And I hereby humbly want to request all the teams and stakeholders to accept our apology as an institution and we will improve going forward.”

Notably, the final will be held at Muteesa II Memorial Stadium, shifting from St Mary’s Stadium in Kitende which held the last two editions after moving away from Namboole which is still under renovation.

Ssekabembe justified the decision for choosing Wankulukuku claiming that it has the ability to host the final that comes with huge numbers.

He stated: “For starters, Wankulukuku is part of Buganda, there it’s a Kingdom stadium. But we have got to respect the fact that there is a shortage of playgrounds in the country.”

“All of us would have loved to be at Namboole Stadium but you know what’s taking place there. We would have loved to be at Kitende but you are aware of their busy schedule at the Stadium.

“We said that ours is ours, so we decided to come back at our own, this is very important. We must come to terms of the shortage of facilities. I have confidence in Wankulukuku regardless of the size.”

As it’s a normal, the Kabaka of Buganda His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II will be expected to grace the final.

“I am here with his explicit permission; If His Majesty deems fit, he will be with us. But for the mere fact that he has allowed me to come here for this press conference, lets hope for the best.”

His Majesty Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II expected to grace the Masaza Cup final

To reach this far, Buddu eliminated Bulemeezi at the semi final stage last year in October while Busiro saw off Ssingo 4-3 on aggregate to reach the finals.

Buddu, who are defending champions will be seeking to defend their title they won in 2021 when they beat Buwekula 2-0 and also become the first team in Masaza cup history to defend it.

For Busiro, who are 2019 runners up, they will be seeking for their maiden title when they face off with Buddu at Wankulukuku.

There will be no third place match as it stands after Bulemeezi who was banned after fans hooliganism in their semifinal return leg against Buddu.

The Bika Football Final between Lugave and Ndiga, and Netball final between Mamba Gabunga and Nyonyi Nyange, will be played at Wankulukuku on March 11.

Past Winners – Masaza Cup Finals
2004 – Gomba
2005 – Mawokota
2006 – Kooki 2-2 Bugerere [4-2 pen]
2007 – Mawokota bt Gomba
2008 – Kyaddondo 2-0 Gomba
2009 – Gomba 1-1 Mawogola [5-4 pen]
2010 – not held
2011- Buluuli 2-1 Bulemeezi
2012 – Bulemeezi 1-0 Buweekula
2013 – Mawokota 1-0 Ssingo
2014 – Gomba 0-0 Ssingo [[4-3 pen]
2015 – Ssingo 5-0 Buddu
2016 – Buddu 1-1 Gomba [6-5 pen]
2017 – Gomba 1-0 Ssingo
2018 – Ssingo 1-1 Buddu [12-11 pen]
2019 – Busiro 0-1 Bulemeezi
2020 – Gomba 3-1 Buddu
2021 – Buwekula 0-2 Buddu
2022 – Busiro Vs Buddu



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