Video: Uganda Rugby Union Slaps Player With 15-Week Ban

Uganda Rugby Union has given Heathens player Charles Uhuru a 15-week ban over dangerous play.

Uhuru was involved in a nasty incident during a league game against KOBs where he was seen lifting and throwing down Joseph Aredo.

“The Disciplinary Committee referred to the World Rugby Regulation 17, appendix 1 for guidance and has resolved to suspend Mr Uhuru for fifteen (15) weeks from taking part in any Union sanctioned rugby activity,” reads a ruling shared by the Union.

“This Suspension takes effect from February 3 and ends on May 19 2023.

“The URU further guides the Clubs and their leadership take keen interest and promote fair play.”

The developments mean that Uhuru will miss the remainder of the season, with the current campaign scheduled to climax on May 13, just a week before the end of his ban.

Pirates player Stephen Alu has been banned for two weeks for an act of foul play in a league game against Jinja Hippos.

There was another ugly incident in Jinja Hippos Vs Pirates game at Dam Waters on January 28 where a Hippos fan stormed the field in an attempt to strike Pirates player Desire Ayera.

An altercation during a league game between Jinja Hippos and Pirates

The Union has banned the fan – Timothy Kitamirike – from attending any Rugby activity for a full year until January 31 2024.

The Hippos have been given a suspended sentence of playing one game behind close doors, meaning that Hippos will host a game without fans in case such incidents occur.

URU CEO Isaac Lutwama said: “URU takes very seriously the reputation and values of our Sport enshrined in the 2023 Rugby Premier League manual under Disciplinary regulation rule 5.3, the URU code of Conduct.”

“As host partners, URU reminds all clubs that provision of a safe and condoned off playing surface is paramount to protect players and officials and for the playing of the Sport in all our competitions and we will continue to work with our host clubs to ensure this standard is adhered to.”



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