Netball Federation Reopens Offices, League Set For Resumption

Work at Uganda Netball Federation has resumed after the body reopened offices on Monday, February 6 2023.

The broke Federation closed offices last year on December, located at the Aga Khan building Old Kampala, citing financial hardships.

Then, it was revealed that the Federation had failed to clear rent fees for October, November and December.

Sources stated that the Federation pays Shs4M per month, and arrears had risen to sh12m.

“If you wanted to know how we survived, for sure we are overwhelmed, we pay this out of our pockets, this is a National Office for a Federation. So if we don’t have funds definitely we close,” UNF President Sarah Babirye Kityo said.

“After sorting out some issues, we are now able to open up the offices again.”

In July last year, the Federation shifted offices from National Council of Sports facilities where they were seated in a tiny single-room to a whole-floor at Aga Khan building in Old Kampala.

The move was intended to give a new look to Federation as she aimed at elevating the game to a new level.

But with recent struggles with NCS, the Federation’s earlier dreams were halted.

“We rent these offices and pay rent each month. Before we came into office, NCS was releasing funds for rent. Ever since we came into office, we haven’t received a penny as far as rental and other utilities are concerned.

“We pay water bills, electricity bills and others. We have never received any penny from NCS.”

In January this year, UNF halted the league just a week into the second round, all due to financial constraints.

But Babirye has stated that they have resolved some issues and they are ready to go again next weekend.

Babirye confirmed: “The league will resume on the February 11 because there were some unseen challenges that we had to readdress and we are working on them.”

The Federation President also confirmed that Uganda is set to send an Under-15 team for Fast-Five, but they are yet to secure funds to prepare for the team.

Notably, Uganda will be hosting the African Netball Championship this year!

Speaking on the matter, Babirye revealed: “This is a huge privilege, but this will soon be communicated by African Netball but they have written to in form us that it’s Uganda to host.”

The actual dates have not been revealed but it will be after the Netball World Cup in South Africa.

She added: “We will be sitting with the Executive to discuss a number of issues and also prepare for the AGM which will be held on February 24 and we have a number of issues to take on.”



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