Uganda Seek To Become Modern Pentathlon Powerhouse

Uganda Modern Pentathlon Federation is on course to creating awareness and promoting the new Sport in the country.

Modern Pentathlon is an athletic sport comprising of five individual disciplines including Swimming, Fencing, Running, shooting and Obstacle hurdles (like the Ninja Warrior setup).

The UMPF, founded on July 25 2017, has held a couple of activities before Covid-19 disruptions.

The Federation has rolled out plans to see the country become an African Super-power.

Course ongoing at Kampala Parents School

This week, the Federation held a Capacity building course for Coaches at Kampala Parents School.

Egyptian Yasser Hefny, a leading facilitator of the course, said: “I am very thankful to the Federation President for giving me this opportunity.”

“These are good people, intelligent and are aware of the principles of the Sport. I am looking forward to delivering more messages to you about the Sport.

“And I believe in the future Uganda will be a powerhouse not only in competitions but in organizing, and can stand strong along the likes of Egypt where I come from.

“With good facilities and technical abilities, Uganda will be a powerhouse.”

Instructor Yasser Hefny

Federation President Simon Peter Komakech confirmed that this is their first ever training for Coaches.

“We have been chasing for it last year and I am happy that we have got the opportunity to finally get it,” said Komakech.

“We need to get awareness and exposure to technical knowledge such which can help us to promote it more.”

Komakech, giving a brief background about the Federation, confirmed that the Federation started in 2017 and had competitions the following year in Kampala and Gulu (Northern region).

“The Sport was already there but it was Covid-19 which took us back. We spent the whole of last year trying to reorganize ourselves. But this year we have started with training the coaches because they are the base of the activity.

“After the coaches, we shall deploy them and they start to expand the game in different communities and Schools.”

The Course has been sponsored by the World Body of Modern Pentathlon and Uganda Olympic Committee.

He added that they have got partnerships with Kampala Parents School because of it’s good facility.

Among the members that are attended the Course include officials from Uganda People’s Defence Air Force, Uganda Prisons, Wild Life Authority, Kampala Parents among others.



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