Lionel Messi’s record of matches in the world championships

The number of achievements and records that have been rewritten since the phenomenal performance of 35-year-old Lionel Messi at the 2022 World Cup is staggering. In addition to the main achievements in the form of gold medals earned in the championship, as well as several statistical indicators, which can be found on websites with today football score, there is also a record for the total number of matches in the world championships. But, of course, the list only includes players from those countries that are dominant in their regions and almost always go far in the playoff round.

Messi began collecting statistics on World Cups in 2006 when he was not even 20 years old. That tournament could have been more successful, especially if looking at the stardom of the squad, so the team reached only the quarterfinals. Leo appeared in three matches. The next tournament in 2010 was more successful in the number of games, namely 5, but the result was similar – one quarterfinal. Big stats are hard to come by if you constantly get knocked out in the early stages. However, the Argentine team broke their streak by reaching the finals in 2014. And if you are interested in the matches that took place today, look for football scores on a proven platform.

Messi played in all seven games, which is the maximum. Nevertheless, he conquered a more modest result in 2018. It is only four games and a departure in one-eighth of the finals.

Winning streak at the 2022 World Cup

For Argentina, the 2022 World Cup was almost perfect, except for the result of the first match. Then the defeats were unexpected, while the rest were victories. But, of course, broadcasts of live football tonight can be found in similar examples when a team starts poorly but gains strength. 

In terms of game record, from the first game onward, Messi outperformed well-known players. Specifically:

  1. The match against Saudi Arabia was the 20th game and broke Cafu’s record.
  2. Against Mexico, he broke Maradona’s record.
  3. The game against Poland allowed him to beat Ronaldo.
  4. The meeting against Australia broke Maldini’s record.
  5. Finally, in the match against the Netherlands, Miroslav Klose’s record was beaten.
  6. His participation in the semifinals and finals allowed him to become the sole leader with 26 matches, surpassing Lothar Matthäus.

Such records are always a pleasure to watch live, especially when you know that potential record-breakers are participating in the football matches tonight.



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