Video: Golola Overcome Fungu In Close Fight

Golola and Fungu in action at Akamwesi. (Photo by NBS)

Moses Golola managed to eke out a split decision victory against Hamza ‘Fungu’ Keeya in a kickboxing fight held at Akamwesi Mall in Kyebando on Boxing Day.

In a fight that lacked quality from both fighters, the judges gave the fight to Golola 2-1; with the scorecards reading 49-46, 47-48 and 50-45.

Both fighters were cautious in the first two rounds but opened up in the third round where they each touched down the canvas.

And Golola got an edge just at the bell of the third when he clinched his opponent and landed a heavy knee that left Fungu furious and reeling.

Fungu came to life in the fourth and put up commendable resistance, took the fight to Golola and good boxing combinations.

But his fists lacked power and failed to connect as he would have required.

He continued to dominate in the last round and as the clock wound down, he made some attempts with a flurry of punches.

To Golola’s credit, he showcased some good movements, tried to work behind the jab and never staggered unlike in the past when he tried some kicks.

Both fighters struggled to execute overall, partly hard done by a slippery canvas but Golola edged it with some good counter knees on the night.

And the two of the three Judges were well convinced to hand him a victory.

Fungu may rightly demand for a rematch, but he joins a long list of Golola’s victims that include Abu Kikenywa, Titus Tugume, Umar Semata among others.

Golola’s legacy continues and this is one of his last fights as the so called ‘Of Uganda’ looks to concentrate on nurturing talent among other ventures.

He had weighed four kilograms heavier than Fungu, in a fight that headlined the Uganda Boxing Champions League finals.

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