HB Academy: Expose Kids To Sports – Parents Advised

Parents have been advised to take their children to involve their children in Sports from an early age.

Rita Assimwe Egonda, the Principal of Cherubs International Christian school, who was the guest of honour at the Henrison Basketball Academy tournament on Saturday, said that the idea is for children to be active and healthy for their age.

Egonda who doubles as a Mentor at Early rise Uganda, commented: “It’s very key to look at characters and morals of the children. Many times as parents, we look at the brain, everyone is looking at education, they want the kids to be doctors, lawyers, etc but we forget that it’s what comes within us that makes us the best we can be.”

“Character has degenerated in this generation, there is a lot that is eating up on our kids, so programs like this are, all outdoor games are very important to break the children from patterns of things that are taking them away.

Rita Egonda Assiimwe

“We have a lot of mental health that is affecting our children, they are stressed and depressed and there is a lot that is causing such. Breaking that pattern and getting them out to exercise enhances a better way of thinking and brain function even better.”

Egonda added that kids are trying out drugs because of so much idleness, boredom and exposure to social media that exposes them to learning things that they are not supposed to.

“And we need to expose them to things like sports; integrating sports into our education system, cultivates a better culture to build up children that are authentic, thriving and life changers.

The shooting contest

“Sports builds the brain, if you want children to study and concentrate better, it’s important for them to exercise.

“We have obese children, all this comes because they are closed indoors, they wake up on TV, open a fridge, eat this and eat that. The parents are not available but there are mentors out there so bringing them out here like today they have had a beautiful activity here at Henrison Basketball Academy.”

Henrison Mbaziira

The third edition of the Henrison Basketball Academy tournament was held on Saturday at Kabira country club in Kampala.

“We usually have this tournament once a year, its unfortunate that we held it in December this time not November because of Ebola,” started Academy founder and coach Henrison Mbaziira.

“We thank God that it has happened and ended successfully, kids have had fun and learnt a lot of things, they have been motivated by a lot of speakers among others.

“This is not all about skill, it’s also about being themselves. I would like to see team work because this is a team sport. I would like to see better and focussed players, these tournaments open their eyes and they begin to realize where they are still lagging behind.”

Mbaziira who also features for Falcons Basketball Club, said that they mentor kids about their ways of lives as well, not just basketball because “not everyone will make it to the highest playing level.”

Abigail Murungi is a real talent

Winners From Various Categories:

•1*1 open category winner – Emmanuel Muwaya •11 Ldies Category Winner – Abigail Murungi
•Parents shooting Contest Winner – Rowena Kamasai
•Free throw contest u12 Winner – Sherly Mulungi
•Free throw contest open category winner – Jonathan Ssenyomo
•3-point shooting contest winner ladies category – Abigail Murungi
•1*1 U12 Winner – Neo Ainerugaba •Skills challenge open category – winner Raymond Kakama •Skills challenge u12 winner – Jonathan Senyomo •Chess master open category winner – Emmanuel Muwaya •Shooting contest u12 winner – Sherly Mulungi •MVP 33 u15 – Abigail Murungi
•MVP 3*3 u15- Emmanuel Muwaya •The open category 33 MVP – Edgar Jjunju
•The open category 3*3 MVP ladies – Titian Sherinah Atwine •5*5 MVP men – Ishimwe Owen
•5*5 MVP Women – Maggie Namaganda •1*1 open category winner – Obua Terrence
•Men 3-point shooting contest is – Mathew Tuuru

More from the gallery (Photos by Charles Lwanga)



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