Ponsiano Lwakataka Sentenced to One year and Four Months in Jail

Rally driver Ponsiano Lwakataka, 51, has been sentenced to one year and four months in Kauga Prison along with his brother John Ssekitoleko after being convicted of two counts of trespassing and damaging property at Kiwanga Lwanda village in the division of Goma in Mukono district.

Lwakataka has been on trial for more than three years in the cases of Josyline Natukunda and George Williams Kawooya.

In the middle of the hearing, Lwakataka’s lawyer Samuel Elyotre found himself in a difficult situation when he failed to explain to Judge Patience Koburunga about his client’s avoidance of punishment.

Prosecutor Jonathan Muwaganya asked the judge to give Lwakataka the sentence he deserves as he is still a young man and it is not the first time he has committed similar crimes.

Passing the sentence, Judge Koburunga said the sentence was imposed after Lwakataka pleaded guilty and apologized.

Lwakataka’s lawyer said they would appeal as they were not satisfied with the verdict and the handling of the case and his people could not be given time to file their defense.

However, Lwakataka, while being taken to Kawunga jail, told the prosecution that he had colluded with the arrester to defame him.

Lwakataka missed the recently concluded Kaliro Sugar Rally as he was in prison, with the event won by Ronald Ssebuguzi in a total time of 1:40:20.

But Lwakataka who is likely to miss the final National Rally Championship event in Rukungiri, remains top of the leaderboard with 332 points.



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