Exclusive: Netball Federation in Over Sh100m Scam

Uganda Netball Federation President Sarah Babirye Kityo and husband Dan Ntale who doubles as the Federation Marketing Director

There are shocking revelations as tens of Ugandans have come out to accuse the Uganda Netball Federation of defraud in the region of over Sh100m.

These, claim that the Federation took money from them in the promise of taking their people to the United Kingdom during the concluded Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Federation President Sarah Babirye Kityo, when contacted by The-SportsNation, has not refuted claims, but made some clarifications about the matter.

The victims say that the Federation took Sh15m from each to bring their people to London!

But the Federation did not live to the end of their bargain, and they claim that they have since received endless excuses and sometimes threatened when they ask for a refund.

In October, a certain Trevor Mathias Seguya jumped off Natete Business Centre (a suburb in Kampala City) building and died on the spot!

With Police investigations still ongoing, it is said that the deceased is one of the victims after the Federation didn’t refund his money after they failed to secure him a place to United Kingdom.

External link – Man Commits Suicide in Natete

There are a couple of exchanges (recordings) this website has landed on between the victims and the Federation Marketing Director Dan Ntale who doubles as the husband of the Federation President Babirye.

“Hilda had two of her children that he wanted to bring here, they (Federation) asked for Sh15m for each. Then the lady borrowed Sh30m in total and gave it to the Federation,” a woman narrates in one of the recordings.

“But both unfortunately didn’t get the visas! So, it has been a back-and-forth since then. They demanded for the refund but in vain, and I think the other son got overwhelmed by the situation and eventually committed suicide in Natete! Hilda (Mother) has been in tears and inconsolable.

“Imagine a mother, on top of being conned, then you lose your child in such circumstances!”

In one recording with a Woman identified as Aminah Nalongo, Ntale is heard pleading to her to remain patient that he was going to refund the money early in October.

It is said that the Federation is still waiting for it’s share of Government budget, but all that has been in vain since the National Council Of Sports last released money to Sports Federations in May, per reports.

Ntale is also heard giving the Victims another option of transporting their people for the Vitality Series earlier, instead of a refund.

Another lady says in a recording: “That guy (Ntale) also scammed us, he told me with a couple of my friends that he is taking us to London around Summer, but we never heard from him again.”

“Then we got in touch and tried to call him, he started to threaten us and told us how his wife works in the Government and they can end our lives! He has wrongly used his wife’s position to scam and threaten many.”

We are not a Travel Agency – Netball President

Netball Federation President Babirye, currently in New Zealand with the She Cranes for Fast Five, spoke to The-SportsNation when contacted.

“It’s true those people gave us their money,” Babirye started.

“But as you know, they came as fans of She Cranes who wanted to go with us to support the team, but with their hidden plans.”

“And as you know, we travel with fans and families of the players sometimes. But you buy your tickets and so on. But some came to us needing assistance in terms of recommendations for Visas.

“The money they paid mostly was for meals, accommodations, and tickets for games among others. And we have proof that we paid for these things.

“As a Federation, we don’t give out visas, that is up to the embassy, and unfortunately, some of these people were banned from the UK way back because they had given false information when applying for visas way back then and we were not in the know. And they were denied visas. So, we have been refunding some of the money they had given us and most has been settled. But there are no refunds for tickets. Some hotels have refunded the money and we are still waiting for others to do so we will act accordingly as well.

“We are not a travel agency so we do not take people for ‘byes’ (work abroad). Some people just wanted to take advantage of the situation. But we don’t have such powers, that are left with the embassy.”

Babirye revealed to The-SportsNation that they have already refunded monies to about 15 people.

She added: “And there is a lot of inside politics involved as well, there are some fighting forces inside and I can tell you that it’s affecting the Sport in general.”



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  1. Am Lillian from lubaga those ppl took my money last yr in oct telling me that they’re going to get me a UK viza fo common wealth games upto now am still walking fo money 15 million

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