Volleyball: KCCA Coach Mugoda Remains Positive

KCCA Men’s Volleyball Club Head Coach Alex Mugoda is not about to seize fire especially when his side has conceded four losses into the 2022/23 season of the National Volleyball League.

Kampala Capital City Authority was defeated 3-1 by the Ndejje Sharks on Saturday at the old Kampala Arena, to keep them eighth on the log with two points collected from Tigers and Nemostars.

In a post-match interview, their Coach Alex Mugoda remarked that the Kasasiro Boys are; “good and are playing a good game”, but will need to break the losing trend and unlock a new chapter on the road to

“The win did not come our way, though we struggled so much. But we won’t put our tools down. We shall keep fighting hard and we are coming back stronger against UCU.” Alex told the-Sports Nation.

“We have all we need, and I believe in my game. The players are getting the best of me, but I think something somewhere is not clicking, and we shall have to put it right, to have a better game. The fans should not lose hope because that’s the nature of sports. At times you get difficulties and at times you win but at the end of the day, you celebrate, and wail as a team.”

In their game against the Sharks on Saturday, KCCA’s Iga Meddy was late for the party, failing to secure a single point on his team’s tally and later requesting to be subbed off in the proceeds.

Fans familiar with Meddy will attest to him as a player who has always been the “go-to” attacker in moments when his side is on the line, and Head Coach Mugoda was left jumbled, just as they were.

“It has never happened before, we all know Meddy is one kind of a player who will fight to the last bit even when all players are not delivering. We shall use the time we have to assess where the problem is because it seemed psychological. He plays in a very demanding position and he has always delivered. Like last weekend against Tigers, he stood out just like in all the other games.” He explained.

KCCA will return to the fray next month -05th November-, against the Uganda Christian University, and Mugoda says he won’t carry burdens from the previous games to the next challenge.

“Personally as a Coach, I’ve been in the role for a while, losing and winning countless matches. To me, a loss only determines how much effort you put into the next challenge. You could win and get comfortable then lose your next game, which is not desirable. As we come back, I have a lot of work to do with the team, to make sure we return in a different, and better shape.”

“My players are eager to win and they will do everything humanly possible to see that happen. I am a very tactical person, so for the next fixture, expect a very different approach and team.”

KCCA and Nkumba Navy are the only teams in the top flight that are yet to win a single game from the onset of the 2022/23 season, four games down the road with the former being the one-eyed ahead of the latter yet to secure a single point and plays Nemostars in the next fixture.

Sport-S currently lead the table at 15 points, with two ahead of KAVC at 13 after their loss to OBB on Sunday.

Nemostars are fifth with nine points, putting them behind Ndejje Sharks who made it 11 points from the KCCA triumph.



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